Thursday, June 28, 2012

One (out of thousands) Message from Hiromi Shinya 1

Following my previous post which talked about breast cancer, now I am gonna share about breast cancer from what I've read from a book entitled The Enzyme Factor. This book is written by Hiromi Shinya, a Japanese born general surgeon which has practiced in Japan and USA. He is actually a gastroenterology, specialist of gastrointestinal and abdominal surgery. What makes him become widely known than any other specialists (besides writing The Enzyme Factor) is that he looks up at his patient health problem as a whole picture, not only as a part.

Hiromi Shinya (pict taken from Google)
For instance, when a woman patient come with a complaint on her stomach, Hiromi Shinya will examine her not only at the stomach, but also ask her about her eating habit, life style, and surprisingly offer her to have breast examination and pap smear too. He does it because he believes that health status is widely influenced by what we eat. It is implied that if there is something wrong with your digestive system, it could lead problems to another part of your body. And if you have problems with your health, then you should check your digestive system and evaluate your eating habit immediately. We can clearly see that our health is about what and how we eat

Although he is not a gynecologist, Hiromi Shinya puts serious attention to woman's health issue. Like I stated before, when a woman patient comes to him, he mostly examines her more than what she complaints for. Based on his experience in examining woman patients, he concludes that women with breast cancer usually have poor digestive condition and are coffee drinker. (Well, I myself didn't mean to say that coffee is a kind of bad beverage, but I can see it clearly in my auty's case that she drinks coffee routinely)

Beside promoting healthy eating habit in order to prevent breast cancer, Hiromi Shinya also suggests us to recognize our breasts very well by massaging them regularly. Even if there's no scientific fact about it (yet), but I completely agree with this idea. It makes us know structure of our breasts very well, so that we could notice if there's any minor change of them.

Along with his controversial idea in The Enzyme Factor (yes, his book is a bit controversy in practice of modern medicine), I personally give thanks to him for his suggestion about how to be healthier as a whole individual and for sharing his knowledge and personal experiences as an experienced medical practitioner.

As there are so many valuable ideas in his book, I suggest you to read it by yourself so that you can really understand his messages about healthy life.

The Enzyme Factor, borrowed from college's library

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