Friday, June 29, 2012

The Human's Best Friend

I just realized that I love dog so much!
Not only dog actually, but also any kind of animals and another living creatures. Few days ago, when I was jogging around my campus, I met Boy. Who is Boy?

Boy is a dog who lives in my campus area. His master works as a street worker also in the campus area. First time I met boy was when I walked to my faculty in the morning. I still remember that I walked some 5-7 meters behind Boy's master. I was surprised that time because suddenly Boy came from behind me and then ran following his master in cute way. Oh My God! I taught it only happens in movie, or with rich people who can afford to buy a faithful dog.

I was wrong.

Faithful is not a matter about money.

Then they walked to another side of the road, Boy ran towards his master loyally and ah... they had a joking each another like a lovely scene I watched in Hachiko movie. I can only followed them with the side of my eyes, and whispered into my heart: I hope I can meet them again and touch that cute Boy.

First time I saw Boy and his master from behind

Some 3 weeks after my first shocking meeting with Boy from behind, I met him again. This time, I was very lucky because Boy was not on walk. Without any doubt, I came and greet the Boy's master. I asked about who is Boy, what does he usually do in this campus, and can I take him home?

"Well, Boy is actually a common dog who used to roam around this campus area. He has an official owner, but he only wants to follow me (the master, ah.. I forgot to ask his name). He always follows me wherever I go to work, just like in this canal today. Sometimes he teases me to ask for some play, but sometimes he is just keep calm being next to me, and all that. Every streets workers here know him well, and we are looking after one each another."

Ah... So sweet..

Boy is a calm dog, I can touch him without any scared feeling of being bite. Heheheh...

My 3rd lucky meeting with Boy was some 4 days ago.  I was jogging around campus, then voila... Here they are!!!

It seems that Boy didn't recognize me :(

Only the master actually remember that I ever met them once. This time, I took picture of Boy (again) and interviewed his master (again) about Boy and his life. Hehehe
Sadly, Boy was feeling asleep that time. I gave my sweet hand to make him looking towards the camera, but ah.... It didn't happen :(

Well, it's Ok. Seeing that Boy and his master in healthy and happy condition is moore than enough for me.

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