Monday, March 10, 2014

Week's Update

Hi guys... I am coming with update from the past 1 week. You know, I am subscribing to a video blog (vlog)- itsjudyslife-a beautiful family that posts their life activities daily on youtube. On 7 March, Judy just gave birth to twin baby gurls! It is such a wonderful experience to watch every single episode of itsjudyslife. I learn so many things that are barely taught in school or college; about being generous, honest, humble, healthy, expressing your thought and feeling in honest way: laughing out loudly, tearing up shamelessly, being care to parents, family and friends, loving your other half wholeheartedly, educating kids, and most importantly cherishing (and documenting) every moment in life.

And lastly, I am so saddened by the incident of Malaysian Airlines last Saturday. May Allah lead the way to immediately locate and save the jet and the passengers. Ameen.

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