Monday, October 7, 2013

When A Companion Gone

I just lost my best companion buddy Sony Ericsson J10i2 :(

It was 3 days ago, when I failed of attention for my Sony. Either it fell down from my pocket, someone pick-pocketed it out of my consciousness, or I put it somewhere carelessly, it leaves me a big condolence.

Sony has been my companion for 3 years and no one can replace its place. Even though he is not a smart-phone, he has everything that makes me complete. He is a very very user-friendly. I can type SMS, call a number, create my own notes, folders, reminders, etc easily. I can check my facebook, email, and news at any time. I already put loads of songs and video to be listened trough handsfree and that has become my habit. Can you imagine how it feels when you lost something (or someone) that has completed your life? That is what I am feeling now. I have tried my best to track him in every possible ways but it seems that he has moved to another hand :'(

This is my first time (and I hope for the last) losing my mobile and the fact that I put some important notes and logged in on email and facebook makes me extra cautious. I directly changed my email, facebook, and account's passwords because they are all written in my draft, starts from my complete name, address, ID card number, and also passport number (ouccchhhhh!!!!!).

From this accident, I learn that it's very important to memorize some important numbers of friends and family. And also, have a hard copy of all contact numbers in your mobile, just like what we used to do before the mobile was invented.

For temporary use, now I have bought a very basic Samsung mobile just for call and SMS. Still, I have a little hope that my Sony will find its way back home. Really, it's very hard for me to move on. No matter it's the era of smart phone, Sony is always my forever love.

When I went to market to buy the basic Samsung, I found out that type of my Sony is not in market anymore. Even I couldn't find any of the the second-hand. I wondered, why did Sony and Ericsson divorced? They had invented some brilliant sweet babies like my Sony, and it supposed to make them become a very happy and wealthy parents.


Now where should I go to get a precisely-same Sony?

I really don't care about others, I only want my type of Sony.


*gagal move on*

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