Thursday, October 17, 2013

Idul Adha Story

I spent Idul Adha this year by visiting my sister in Bandung. This was the 2nd time for me spending Idul Adha by visiting her in Bandung and... this was the worst I guess coz we unintentionally skipped the Idul Adha prayer -____-

We were actually ready to go at 6.00 AM but my sister requested me to wait for her friends, so we waited for them for more than 30 minutes -____-

Our plan to have pray at Masjid Salman ITB suddenly failed when we saw people almost done doing prayer in our way to Masjid Salman, hiks hikss..

Taking this pix while waiting for friends, never expected that prayer had probably been started at this time
Since we couldn't join the prayer, we then decided to join at the last row listening to khutbah Idul Adha. I was really really sad and angry at the same time while my sister kept saying sorry sorry but she oddly had some laugh -________-

Another issue that we faced after (the failed) prayer was seeking for food. Not much restaurant were open as it was national holiday. After walking for some distances, I finally found a small traditional food stall. I got Nasi Kuning for my breakfast in  holy Idul Adha and I did it alone coz my sister was busy for moving to a new hostel and she didn't want to eat at that morning, how saddd :( :( :(

My mom called us and asked how is your Idul Adha. We told her about our sad Idul Adha morning and that instantly made her sad :( :(

She then told us that at home, she had ketupat, gulai rebung, rendang, kerupuk etc etc *loud screaming* *drullll*

And fact that she become sad listening to our terrible Idul Adha made me fall into deeper sadness :( :( :(

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