Saturday, October 12, 2013

How To Find Your Passion

That would be one of the most confusing question for fresh grad like me, especially in determining the right choice for career path or future education plans. Even until now, I am still on contemplating to find out what my passion really is.

One certain thing is, I love education. Literally meaning, I love to be a teacher. Even though I haven't got education in teacher's course, I just love to be a teacher. Besides of becoming a teacher, my other loves are: English, writing, and sports. So, based on those loves, what kind of job that would suit me? Hmm... Hard question.... I still dunno the answer  =_=

But but but, few days ago when I was in super-crowded commuter train I accidentally found the way to find out what your real passion is.

That time I stranded in front of 2 ladies which had a conversation about children. One lady whose voice sounded so peaceful and educated resembled a psychologist lecturer while another lady looked like a post-graduate student. Their conversation about how to educate children with special needs caught my attention and I suddenly dissolved into it. They talked about how is it significant to give your full attention to your children so that you can detect if there is something wrong with them in early stage. They concluded that it's very important to a woman to be smart both in education and life skills becoz once you become a woman, you will become a wife and then mom for your children. You are the one that hold the key to determine what kind of family that you would develop: the nice and healthy one or the bad one.

The lecturer-look like lady really mesmerized me from the way she talks and the way she matches her outfits. I silently looked at her from the top to toe while my ears kept on the conversation and she looked so stylish ^_^.

I instantly say to myself: I wanna be like her. Which means, I want to be a woman which has good knowledge about education, and hopefully can work in education field which allows me to keep updated about education. I just love love to be involved in such kind of topics in which I can learn more and more.

I might have stranded upon someone else with another topic of conversation but I am not really sure that I would be as exciting as I did. I (secretly) listened to people's conversation quite often but I have never been as exciting as this one.

So, here I come to a simple conclusion to find out what is your passion?

It is a very simple thing that you would love to talk about no matter how tired or how bad mood you are. If it can instantly catch your mood, then there it is: your passion.

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