Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet The Author

Ho ho ho...
I wanna share my pix with authors of books that I love. Start with....

Trinity from Naked Traveler. That time was the launch of her newest Naked Traveler series and also the last meet and greet before she left Jakarta for 1 year-Round The World-trip. It has been 1 year now and she has successfully made her Round The World-trip. Salute for her.

Bcoz of attending her book's launch, I finally visited Grand Indonesia mall for the 1st time  ^^

Rini Raharjanti from Rp 3juta-an Keliling India dalam 8 Hari. I accidentally met her at the Trinity's book launch. Never wanted to skip the chance, I greeted her and got my book signed. Yeay! I also told her about my plan to visit India was inspired by her book and she wished me a very warm good luck!

Nice and friendly author :)

Ade Nastiti from Two Travel Tales: Menguak Eksotika India dan Nepal. This was also an accidental meeting. In the beginning of February 2013, I went to a tourism seminar that was held by India Embassy and surprisingly she was one of the guest speaker. Lucky me, I got a seat next to her and we had a nice conversation for couple minutes. She is such a warm personality. I wanna be like her someday :)

Nice selfie pict with the author :)

Agustinus Wibowo from Titik Nol. He is one of the most-wanted authors that I really want to take pict with (besides Andrea Hirata of course). He authored 3 books which all are talking about his journey traveling to Middle Asia, visiting not-popular countries which are mostly full of conflicts such as Afghanistan and other -stan's countries. Even though I have read only 1 of his books, I am already in love with him the way he writes his adventurous journey. I am now saving my money to buy the rest 2 books of him.

He is not really tall actually, hehehe...
Btw, I used to have cheers-smile when posing on photograph, but why did I smile like that in this pict???

Selain itu... I also really really want to meet and take pict with these famous people:
- Andrea Hirata --> author
- Bara Pattiradjawane --> chef
- Shah Rukh Khan --> actor
- Saina Nehwal --> badminton athlete
- Diana Rikasari --> blogger

Wish me luckk... d(^_^)b

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