Monday, February 15, 2016

Dilwale (Nay Nay Nay!)

So I just watched SRK's latest movie, Dilwale, today and it was a true disappointment! Really.

I've never been too much critical about movie, even when there are so many people hate Happy New Year and Chennai Express and call them trashy, I still watch them like a hundred time bcoz I just love them. They are so entertaining and has a value in it. But in this case, Dilwale, I ain't doubt to give it a thumb down.

I didn't get the humor, the value and the love story in it (even between SRK and Kajol). All I got was the artificial set ups, cheesy dialogues, and numerous of flying and crashing cars.

I am sorry Rohit Shetty. Still I love Chennai Express more than Dilwale.


I love this song btw

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