Thursday, May 23, 2013

Attending A Seminar

Today I attended a seminar which talked about finance and BUMN issues with Pak Dahlan Iskan as the keynote speaker. For me, the biggest attraction for this seminar is about seeing Pak Dahlan Iskan in real. I have been familiar with him far before he became media darling; that was around 2006 through his articles in my local newspaper which belongs to his Jawa Pos News Network (JPNN). I was in high school that time and I really liked reading his articles which talked about everything from his own perspectives. My favorite topic is about his experience undergoing liver-replacing surgery.

I have never read his article in newspaper anymore since he left his chair as CEO of JPNN to serve the head of PLN, followed by leading Kementerian BUMN afterwards. All news about him came from TV and online media which I don't really like (the last time I watched him was on Kipas Princess talkshow hosted by Syahrini). Well, I personally prefer to know about someone's life from his/her own words coz it feels like he/she talks to you in person.

Pak Dahlan came to this seminar using public commuter train, something very uncommon for minister like him. As he stepped inside the room, every eyes were instantly pointing at him: to his white shirt with the rolled up sleeves, black trousers, very casual sport shoes, and no bodyguard nor assistant in front and behind. He started his speech without any lips service, straight to the point with full of smile and enthusiast. I wish more of personalities like him would come to lead this nation; less formality, more action, yet very humble.

Hope can meet him again and take a personal photograph saying cheers, hihihi...

Btw, I saw a girl infront me wearing shirt with houndstooth pattern. I don't know why but I find this pattern leaves some curiosity in me: whether it's line of black bats over the white base or vice versa?

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  1. Hi siti , we are also one of the admirers Dahlan and we pray that he is in always in good condition due to various negative isue about the corruption