Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Cat's Story

Once upon a time in a very peaceful house, a beautiful creature came in and joined the family.

He immediately became the most lovable member coz he never disturbed anyone in the house, but... he suddenly disappeared. Left the family with confused and deep sadness.

Not long after... a reincarnation of him appeared with very identical physical looks, but with opposite gender.

She carried joyful to the family with her spoiled behavior and beautiful meeeeooww voice.

One day she came home very late after a midnight date with neighbor's male cat. That night she carried... her bumpy pregnant belly... OMG!!! Couple months later, she gave birth for 4 cutie kitten.

As the kids grown up, their mom suddenly disappeared without leaving any tracks, notes, or even heritage. The family members took over responsibility to raise the kitten with full of love, compassion, tears, and leftover foods.

Too sad, from the fantastic cutie-four, only 2 that still survived in the house: the 2 hugging kitten at bottom. The another 2 have ran away from house :'(

Story continues with the 2 surviving actors. As they became adult, they were getting so close each other. They roamed, ate, played, and fought together.

The house member sensed something unusual from their closeness... We often caught them having action like husband and wife.

Without any rain, wind, thunder, and hurricane, the female got pregnant! Undoubtedly, we know who made her pregnant.

Yaa, case closed.

They are officially a madly-in love-romantic couple.

They have 4 children with very identical appearance like them as they were kids. Due to the babies' noises and stink of their pee and poo, the family members become soo annoyed but still, love them and feed them a lot.

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