Friday, May 17, 2013

Some News of This Week

It's been a week since my last post. Have no much time and idea to write coz I am now so focused on my thesis. It takes my whole concentration but I can sense some fun though. Maybe that's kind of fun that makes scientist become soo crazy into research, leaving some tickle feeling inside your tummy.

Some of the news of this week are...
  • Corruption scandal of a middle-aged man which spread out his money to some 20 pretty women, whew....
  • Angelina Jolie underwent preventive double masectomy. She decided to take this preventive action after realizing that she carried gene that made her vulnerable to breast cancer. OMG. Such a very bold and brave decision she has made. As I am so concern about this issue, I really appreciate her action spreading this story to the world by writing it herself in here. I hope her experience can encourage many women to be more aware and take immediate action about health.
  • Lately, I really like reading news in THE TIMES OF INDIA. This is the largest English newspaper and news-website in India which I used to read when I was in my India Trip. Unlike in Indonesia, it's very easy to find English newspaper in India with very affordable price, but I personally think that this is the best one. On its website, I can read international news, India local news, health tips, and Bollywood gossip also. The words are good to practice my English reading yet so understandable. What I like the most in this website is the part of readers comment. They make facility in which readers can become member, put their identity, write articles, leave comments, reply another comments, make friends and also become provocateur. If on Indonesia's news website I used to read racist and insulting comments, it also happens on this website but it's written in English and way louder (just imagine how it looks when Indian people arguing in a debate). They also make voting system to vote the comment with cute and funny badges. Beside that, there are also many wise, eye-opening, and joking comments which make this part become so fun and never bored to read (unlike in here where the comments often leave some tepok jidat rather than some laugh on my sweet face ^_^). I don't mean to generalize, but I personally think that the comment box of a news website can depict the character of people in the nation. And I can sense it from what I read on THE TIMES OF INDIA.

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