Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014

Hello Blogger. It's been looooong time I am not blogging and please point all the blame to...... my Google Chrome (GC)! GC has been my default browser for quite long time and I loved it so much. But lately, I don't know what happened, every time I open blogger and try to look on statistic and write a new post, the page is always broken. I guess its because of the annoying ad. I just left it for some days but when I tried back it always showed the same blank page. Ouch!!! So from the past 3 weeks I have been using Mozilla Firefox to log on blogger but as it's my secondary browser and I feel much more default to GC, it resulted the lack of my blogging activities. So my dear readers, if you know what is going on to GC or if this case is also familiar to you, please share with me how to fix my GC :)

Soooo, as today is already the first day of 2014, I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!! May everything in life goes toward a better way and we can successfully achieve our goals. And don't forget to stay positive, positive, positive. Always!!!

What about resolution?

Hhmmm... I am  not very sure that I have any... But two things that are sure: I wish for a nice and settled job in very soon and a smooth traveling time with my parents (as I already arranged a travel plan with my parents to Malaysia and Singapore).

Soooo what's been going on in life.....??? Ok, to make it simple let me list it below
  1. On 9 Dec 2013 I was (forcefully) flying back to hometown to enroll an exam for a job at Indonesian Health Insurance. I was soo in tension for this because at the beginning of the form submission, I was asked by my parents to submit my form in hometown. This selection will be held in a long gradual stages and to make it efficient and less complicated, I just wanted to submit it here in nearby office. But they insisted me to post it to hometown with the reason that the chance in hometown was way bigger. As always, I was so helpless to refuse my parents command so that I couldn't bargain anymore. I flew to hometown at 9-Dec evening, attended the exam on 10-Dec morning, and flew back to Jakarta on 11-Dec early morning to keep my promise to a kind lady coz I was hired to assist a research in her hospital.
  2. How's the hometown-exam's result? I passed. But it required me to go back to hometown for the second exam on 22-Dec.
  3. And... I got a good-breaking news to make it more like a drama, hahaha... I also passed the first stage of government exam and I should go for the final exam on 21 Dec. I told this to Mom and she (as always) insisted me to keep going for the hometown's exam. Then I convinced here that it would be a wasting time, energy, and money (as the airplane ticket on holiday season's sucks!!). How come I run here and there wasting everything for that hometown exam? Haven't I told every one that I initially wanted to submit my form to the nearby office so that it would be more simple and efficient? So there it was. Mom seemed to get the point of my argument and she finally said, do your best on 21 Dec-exam.
  4. I did the exam for government job on 21-Dec in my campus. It was a psychological test, following by the interviewed on 23-Dec. And guess who was interviewing me?? My ex-boss at the campus library! FYI, I was working as freelance in my campus library for 1 year and 2 month and she was my boss. Soo... that interviews went little awkward and less formal. She asked me, why did you apply for this post? Don't you know that by working here, you'll not earn much. Don't you think of being lecturer instead of being a lab assistant?
That's pretty much all. Now I am feeling so content for all God's blessing for me, with all surprising rizki that He showers on me. Now I am still waiting for the announcement for that government job that is planned to be announced on the first or second week of January. No matter how the result will be, that will surely be the best for me. If I got accepted then I am ready to be a civil servant but if I didn't accepted, I am ready to seek for another jobs then :)

Happy New Year 2014!!!!

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