Saturday, January 18, 2014


I cooked tomato omelette for breakfast which was very very aaawesommmeee... I have no idea what to cook with my leftover onions and tomato, so I chopped them all, sauteed in the pan, meanwhile it's been sauteed I beat 1 egg, added pinch of salt, I put the sauteed onion and tomato into the beaten egg, then I put them back to the pan and there it was my omelette. Did I take a picture of it? Nope. I was just too hungry and not really much into taking picture of meals before eating (but sometime I do love to, hehehe...). And also, the omelette is best eaten while it's hot, so I didn't want to have cold omelette for breakfast.

It's been rain here for the past 1 week and no chance of getting the perfect dry clothes, so today I was so busy moving my clothing hanger here and there, avoiding windy raindrops. Thanks God the rain became slower in the afternoon so that I decided to go to grocery to buy detergent, pads, shampoo, eggs, and noodles. I got a new plate for purchasing the detergent btw, hihihi...

And... What else... I dunno... Sometimes I am just overthink about this and that... Ended up having no words to explain.

That's pretty much all. I am now getting ready to take my parents traveling to Malaysia at the end of this month. Wish me luck!!

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